Children’s Sneakers Stay in Step with Fashion World

When it comes to footwear and fashion, shoes get much of the attention … even among children’s footwear. But children’s sneakers (or tennis shoes, as they say in the Midwest and other places in America) have a lot of traction in the fashion world these days.

And, what’s good enough for adults is often good enough for children.

Case in point, are the classic Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops. These seem to never go out of style. What’s terrific about Chuck Taylors is that they’re great for boys and girls. Even if a kid isn’t into playing sports, you can team these sneakers up with a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. It’s a hip look.

Slip-on Vans are also en vogue. Vans are another classic. With the variety of colors and designs, such as the checkerboard design – which gives a trendy, retro look – there’s a style to satisfy boys and girls … teens and tweens. There are even styles for toddlers.

Especially for girls, we’re seeing the traditional sporty style and sneaker shape high tops decked out in zippers, studs, sequins, rhinestones, and metallic trim – separately or in any combination of the aforementioned detailings. Some sneakers come in patent leather, velvet and good detailing and hardware. Laser-cut holes are another popular design detail on these shoes.

Designer Michael Kors’ Ivy Rory Sneakers takes on many of those stylings. Available in a metallic finish, this high-top sneakers’ features include a zipper, standard laces, and a studded strap across the top. Little fashionistas are working this sneaker with skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans.

Sneaker styles are a lot like many other segments of the fashion world: Wait long enough, and what’s old will likely get new life later.

That’s evident with sneaker giants like Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Nike. For example, Adidas Superstar II, a reboot of a style made popular decades ago, is back and is as popular as ever.

Luxury isn’t only for adults. There are plenty of high-end footwear fashions for toddler, teens, and tweens.

Versace makes “Young Versace” trainer-style sneakers for young boys. And don’t forget about Dolce & Gabanna. This designer has a sneaker that’s a canvas trainer with Velcro fastens … and it comes with a dust bag.

In fact, pick an upscale and trendy designer: All or most of them have sneakers and shoes for children.

Sneakers have been worn by famous adults and children walking the red carpet to movie premiers, fashion shows, and celebrated awards shows. In case you missed it: Sneakers aren’t just for athletes. In fact, they have been making a powerful statement in the fashion world for many, many years.

The interwoven worlds of sports and fashion goes beyond the marriage of New England Patriots’ famed quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.

And, like designers who make high-fashion dresses, suits, and accessories for the rich and famous who walk the red carpet, icons of the sports world are also in the upscale footwear business.

NBA basketball star players, past and present, have come out with their style of shoes under successful, well-known brands such as Nike. These stylish kicks also come in kids’ sizes. What young basketball fan wouldn’t want shoes named after or designed by giants in that sport?

The LeBron 14 HWC is a great example. When you say LeBron, everyone knows you’re talking about Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. Kyrie Irving is another current player with a sneaker in the market. That’s just two of several.

Add to that retired basketball greats such as Charles Barkley and Kobe Bryant. And who can forget Nike’s Air Jordan, as in basketball legend Michael Jordan?

While these retail for hundreds of dollars, there are bargains to be had when shopping for authentic high-end sneakers. One easy way to find those bargains that addresses the annoyance of and time taken to make trips to stores for price comparisons is to shop online.

Stadium Goods, a large brick-and-mortar retail store in New York’s Manhattan, is one of several shops which also sells shoes online. Stadium Goods has a great reputation for satisfying online shoppers in search of the stylish, upscale sneakers for their children.

Whichever online store you choose, look into how that retailer verifies the authenticity of the high-end designer or sports personality inspired sneakers. Any retailer worth its salt will explain the steps taken to assure authenticity. But they will not likely give too many details. That’s because those in the fake shoe business will then work to find a way around the verification system or protocol in place.

Shoe purchases made online should not be different than any other retail purchases made over the internet. Investigate the retailer’s policy on delivery and returns to make sure the terms are agreeable to you.

Keep all of this in mind when trying to find sneakers that will help put your kids’ feet in a fashion-forward mode.