Keyword research and Keyword analysis utilizing top class App Store Optimization tools and years of experience in this field. Get cpimobi to review your apps on their blog, where people will go to see whether they want to download that app or not. More visibility tends cpimobi mean more traffic to your cpimobi page, which should lead to more downloads. But remember, keyword research tools are only as good as the user entering and managing them. Nowadays Apple App Store continues to make much more revenue than Google Play Store.

People can also see other apps you developed, which can be a boon for app cross-marketing and a potential signal in for your credibility as a developer. App Names: Keywords in the name of an app usually allow apps to rank higher for those keywords in both stores. A Forrester study of European app users showed that 58% of Android users and 63% of iOS users use general browsing” of the App Store and Google Play to discover new apps. Difficulty Score is measured on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult keywords to rank for. A professional app promotion company should be able to help you set up a targeted focus group, or offer focus group testing as part of an app optimization service.

But even though it’s been nearly a decade, the promoting mobile apps buy mobile app installs and discovery functions of the app stores (Google Play, too) don’t operate anything like the internet itself. If I understand you correctly, you are referring to how many users uninstall an app. Not only that, ASO should be seen as a foundation for all of your app marketing activities. Just like app icon, you can test your screenshots and app description well before you launch your app in the app store using the assets you already have. Apple recently announced that iOS app titles should not be longer than 50 characters , in the aim of improving user’s experience and reducing keywords stuffing.